Image And Deploy Suse

The great thing about Imaging and Deploying Suse is that it is not dependent on a specific hardware. That, and it is also easy to setup. You will need to install some packages, and also have your install disk, preferably your dvd iso. Let's begin.

1. Some prerequisites, make sure you have at least 512mb of ram installed and a good 10 gigs of space to use for the suse iso.

2. Open Smart to install some prerequisites. Install the yast2-instserver package, apache2, apache2-prefork, and openslp-server.


3. Open Yast, go to Miscellaneous and open Installation Server.


4. You can use samba, nfs, or http to grab the images from, the easiest is http. Once the Installation Server is open, grab your SUSE CDs, with them through the Installation Server wizard you will create a repository.


5. Now create your profile, the easiest way to do it is to install a suse desktop, and preconfigure it the way you want to. Then open Yast2, miscellaneous, then click on Autoinstall. Go under tools, and create reference profile.

6. Then use the CD No. 1 of your SUSE CD's. Under Installation move down to installation option, in boot options type in:
autoyast=http://server ip/installation script
install=http://server ip/installation source

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