Lock Down Your Desktop

Locking down a desktop is essential on a business setting. Not only for security purposes but also simplifies the administration. The two most used desktop environments for Linux are KDE and Gnome. Each desktop has their own tools to lock down their environment. For KDE, the main one I'll be showing is the Kiosk Admin Tool, and for Gnome it is Sabayon. They both pretty much work the same way and are easy to use. They do not work from a centralized place as in Group Policy with AD, but can get the job done, and if done correctly can be used with mass deployments.

Kiosk Admin Tool

1. The Kiosk Admin Tool is easy to install. Just open Smart and search for kiosk, then install the kiosktool.


2. Open the Kiosk Admin Tool and create a new profile.


3. Edit your profile to lockdown your desktop, then apply to either groups or users for this environment.



1. Install sabayon and sabayon-admin from Smart.


2. Go into your applications and open Desktop Profile Settings.

3. Create a new profile and name, ie lockdown.


4. Edit your profile, make your changes, you can lockdown the desktop through gconf-editor.


5. Then save your settings and apply to either all the users, or choose to which users these policies will be applied to.

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