Nessus Vulnerability Scanner

Nessus is a comprehensive vulnerability scanning program. Its goal is to detect potential or confirmed weaknesses on the tested machines. It will check and find weaknesses on both windows and unix platforms. Nessus can be installed and setup on Opensuse in a few easy steps.

1. Open Smart and do a search for nessus, then install nessus along with all its dependencies.


2. Now you want to create a user with the nessus-adduser command. Open a terminal, become su, then type in nessus-adduser and press enter.

su -

3. For login type your username, for Authentication click next to accept pass, then type in your password.


4. Then hit control D to accept empty rules, then type y to accept the settings.


5. Now still as root run the nessus-mkcert command to make a nessus SSL Certification.


6. Okay now we want to run the nessus-update-plugin command to update all the nessus plugins.


7. Once the update is done you can now run the nessus server by typing in nessusd start. It will then start loading all the plugins.

nessusd start

8. Now go ahead and go to applications and open your nessus client. Point to your nessus server, in this case it is local host, put your username and password and login.


9. Your are pretty much done from here, you can now select the target machine, enter an ip address or range, and start scanning.


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