Smart Repositories

While Yast works, it is sometimes a pretty slow process. If you have ever used Apt you will be right at home with Smart. It just makes life much more simpler. Lets begin:

1. Smart already come preinstalled on 10.2, but you should also install the gui portion through Yast.


2. Now you want to add some Smart Channels, here you will have access to all the main repositories for opensuse. Open a terminal, become root, and just copy and paste the code below into your terminal.

smart channel --add suse-oss102 type=yast2 baseurl= -y
smart channel --add suse-non-oss102 type=yast2 baseurl= -y
smart channel --add update10.2 type=rpm-md name="update 10.2" baseurl= -y
smart channel --add packman102 type=rpm-md name="Packman 10.2" baseurl= -y
smart channel --add guru102 type=yast2 name="Guru 10.2" baseurl= -y
smart channel --add -y
smart update

3. Now you can start Smart-Gui and see the channels and software selection that you have available.

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