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This wiki is a howto on making Opensuse 10.2 work on a Windows Network. I came from a Windows world yet slowly fell in love with linux. But as with many of you, our jobs are tied down to the Windows world. And their is no denying that when it comes to the ease of setup, Directory Services, and Group Policy, Windows has done a great job. However, in the Linux world their is also no denying that their is some great Open Source Applications. Trying to bring these applications and Linux to the windows world has become virtually impossible. This wiki I hope simplifies this process and shows you that it is actually not as hard as you think.

Opensuse Desktop

  1. How to Authenticate to Active Directory
  2. How to lock down your Desktop
  3. How to Image and Deploy Suse
  4. How to add Smart Repositories

Network Monitoring

  1. How to Install Nessus Vulnerability Scanner
  2. How to install Ntop Network Traffic Probe
  3. How to Install Hyperic Network Monitoring
  4. How to install Wireshark Protocol Analyzer
  5. How to install Nmap Security Scanner

Application Servers

  1. How to Install Moodle Course Management System
  2. How to Install SugarCRM Customer Relationship Management
  3. How to install Alfresco Enterprise Content Management

Web Servers

  1. How to Install XAMPP Web Development Stack
  2. How to install Joomla Web Application Framework

File Servers

  1. How to Install Samba

Database Servers

  1. How to Install MySQL

Media Server

  1. How to Install Gnump3d Media Server

Email Servers

  1. How to install Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Mobile Server

  1. How to Install Funambol

Virtual Server

  1. How to Install Vmware Server
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